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"Jockamo Therapy provides excellent patient care in assisting clients to reach their
max potential in the home setting."      - Director of Nursing                     
What if your patients were given a higher standard of quality care?

What if your questions were answered within the same day and not weeks later?

What if billings were accurate and you were never charged late fees for slow payment?

What if you had an organized rehabilitation company who were on top their game?

Now you can with Jockamo Therapy.

“One of the most organized and structured rehabilitation companies we work with”
                                                                                      - Branch Manager

With Jockamo Therapy, you will get to experience the SOS Method™ (System of Organized Support) which upgrades communication and organization to a whole new level. No longer will you get the typical troubles that plague most home healthcare rehabilitation companies.

We have coordinators who are ready to help when you need it the most.

“Phone contacts are always timely and pleasant. They are on top of it!”
                                                                                           - Administrator

What Jockamo Therapy Can Do
For You And Your Company

  - Reduce your worry about therapy for your patient
  - Give you more time to do the things you want and need
    to do
  - Provide excellent care for your patients
  - Ease your nerves about audits
  - Provide you with the SOS Method of patient care
  - Allow you to feel in control with therapy services
    without constant oversight every day
  - Answer your questions quickly when needed
  - Expand your coverage areas for patient care
  - Save your company time and money
  - Provide Open Oasis, reassessments, pediatric care,
    edema care, vital stim for speech therapy, and many
    other specialized therapy skills
  - Keep track of Medicare regulations and PPS rules
  - Audit your rehabilitation charts for maintenance
  - Recruit nurses and nursing aides for your company
  - Provide home healthcare referrals
  - Return phone calls and emails in the same day…not
    days later
  - Work with you, not against you
  - Feel like therapy is a part of your team rather than a
    separate entity
  - Receive positive feedback from patients, their families,
    and their physicians
  - Give you peace of mind about your reputation and your
    job within the company
  - And much, much more…

“Jockamo Therapy is easy to work with and they work hard to get things done when needed.”    - Staff Member

We hope to work with you to help patients move forward on the path to rehabilitation.
For more information, contact us through our "Contact" tab in the menu, or call 330-494-8270. You can also email us at

Jockamo Therapy
6983 Promway Ave. N.W. , Suite A
North Canton, OH 44720
Phone Line 1: 330-494-8270
Phone Line 2: 330-495-5088
Fax: 330-494-8271