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“As a manager of home health for many years, I have worked with many rehab agencies. Jockamo Therapy is the best.”

“Excellent patient care. Check. Excellent customer service. Check. Jockamo Therapy = Priceless!”

“Jockamo Therapy provides excellent patient care in assisting clients to reach their max potential. They are very professional and knowledgeable - a real pleasure to work with.”
“You’re wonderful – you’re very quick to respond and you keep me updated frequently.”
“Jockamo Therapy allows us to provide excellent therapy services to our patients.”
“You are easy to work with and you work hard to get things done when needed.”
“One of the most organized and structured rehab companies we work with.”
“Paperwork is received biweekly and invoices are legible and precise.”
“Jockamo Therapy makes sure everything is in compliance.”
“Your response time is great.”
“Keep up the great work!”
“We are glad to be using the services you provide.”
“Thank you for your fabulous services to our patients.”
“Very professional and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with.”
“Recent chart audits show Jockamo has no deficits. Awesome work!”
“All paperwork is submitted on time, something we see rarely in this business.”
“We’ve had a great response from our patients. Our patients are grateful and so are we.”“
“Because of Jockamo Therapy, we have grown our organization and expanded our regions for patients.”


“Jockamo keeps me busy. They are friendly and professional. This company is headed in the right direction.” – Mike S., PTA

"Jockamo and staff are a super company to work for - puts a smile on my face every time." - Laura R., COTA

“Very organized, easy to get a hold of and the bonuses are always a positive!” – Diane D., PTA

“This is the place to be. They respect you as a therapist and as a person. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else but Jockamo.” – Wanda Y., OT

“I love the positive attitude at Jockamo. I love choosing my regions and helping patients in those regions. No pressure.” – Beth G., COTA

“The office staff is dedicated and helpful, and the clinical staff are very cooperative and communicate well.” – Greg M., PT

“Friendly and caring people who work as a team.” - Tim H., PTA

“The staff is great. They are not pushy and they communicate well. I am really not interested in working anywhere else.” – Rachel L., COTA

“They have competitive rates – thank you for allowing me to help patients through your company.” - Tricia L., PTA

“Paperwork is organized and they keep track of my schedules. I feel very comfortable with Jockamo Therapy.” – Alana L., PTA

“They allow me to choose locations and the number of patients I see. I tell all my therapist friends about Jockamo and how great a company they are!” – Susan K., COTA

“They have flexible scheduling and pass on information right away.” – Nicole S., PTA

“Very pleasant and professional. Excellent!” – Clarice M., COTA

“Keep up the great work!” – Bridget M., ST

“Jockamo is a great company to work for; timeliness, organization & helpfulness are their strong assets!” –Lynette D., COTA

“I have a flexible schedule and nice people to work with.” – Barbara A., PTA

“This company supports its staff members. I would absolutely recommend Jockamo Therapy to my fellow therapists” – Gary K., PTA

“So pleasant to work for. What great support for us therapists!” – Marla S., ST

“A great experience working with them. They are timely with their pay and they have a great team.” –Shannan V., PTA

"Love it! I appreciate the flexibility to schedule patients and see them in their home. Jockamo Therapy allows me to do it." - Tammy H., ST

“No minimum patients to see a month, no pressure to see patients outside of coverage area…it’s wonderful!” – Meagan C., PT

"My overall experience with Jockamo Therapy has been positive. Their friendly and helpful staff fill my caseload and their clinical manager is willing to work with me to help patients." - Sheila S., PTA

“I have flexibility with my patient load. They make it convenient with their wonderful staff and great communication!” – Amelia T., OT
“No problem recommending my fellow therapists to Jockamo Therapy.” – Linda W., PTA

Jockamo Therapy
6983 Promway Ave. N.W. , Suite A
North Canton, OH 44720
Phone Line 1: 330-494-8270
Phone Line 2: 330-495-5088
Fax: 330-494-8271